Friday, March 02, 2007

Calm Down and Use Your Gifts

I am not good at handling stress. I am the first one to get her feathers ruffled. I go about it all wrong. I get angry or depressed. I whine and throw a fit when problems come my way. Just recently when my husband was needed for a family emergency I felt myself caving into my consistently wrong way of coping with distress in our life. After an hour or more of pouting I opened my Bible and read a few verses, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and prayed for strength. I came to the realization that everything is not about me (duh) my husband needed my support and my duty as his wife is to give it to him; fully and without anger, resentment, fear or complaining. So I did. The days went by and I prayed about the situation and we got through it. I was sad, lonely and scared at times, but reading about God's grace and peace helped me through it. I am embarrassed to say that it took me thirty some years of life and almost 10 years of marriage to get to this point.

Peace I leave with you; My peace I now give and bequeath to you. John 14:27

We, as Christians have God's peace. It is our inheritance. In Luke 10:19 we are told that we have been given Peace and power, what amazing gifts...and we are to use them.
Calm down, think about the peace and power of God that is yours and put it to work.

Yesterday when the hospital starting calling to see if my dh was going to make it in for work today;I felt all the wrong feelings come up again. I was complaining about him having to go in a day and a half early just so he could be sure to be there for his scheduled shift. My dh was calm and cool about the whole thing and actually figured out a way to work a few hours last night so the early trip in would also be worth his time (he truly is a genious, isn't he?). It wasn't until this morning when he called to tell me he was in a highway patrol car being driven through the blizzard to help a sick child that I realized what he is really about. I could hear it in his voice that teeny sound of excitement he gets from doing a job that he really, truly loves to do. He lives and breathes to help people.

You should be a light for other people. Live so that they will see the good things you do and will praise your Father in heaven. Matt. 5:16

Do you want to make a difference in your world? Live a holy life. People are watching the way we act more than they are listening to what we say. I could learn a thing or two from my dh. Don't tell him...
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