Monday, March 12, 2007

warning: getting older makes you funny

Spent Sunday at the in-laws. We don't go down there enough. It's only an hour away. Wish we made the trip a lot more frequently because the kids love grandma and grandpa. There is always hot coffee and a huge, yummy meal; even an aunt or an uncle to jump on. Dh's mom makes me laugh every time I go. She is such an amazing woman. We were visiting about shoe sizes and I mentioned that my feet got larger when I got pregnant. My shoe size went up a half size. She said she was glad that it didn't happen every time you got pregnant, she would have had size 14 feet with 9 children. That got me giggling and I got up to refill my cup of coffee. I noticed the newer stainless steel coffeepot and commented on how new it was. She said, yes it was supposed to match her new microwave, but when they pulled the oven out of the box they noticed it had a blue tint to it, which she didn't really mind because her theme color in the kitchen is blue anyway. My husband just happened to be walking through the kitchen when she was going on about the color and he says, "Ma, that's not the color, that's the protective plastic covering they ship it out in." He proceeded to remove the oven from it's spot in the cabinet and peel the tinted plastic off the entire oven. As we all struggled for breath from laughing so hard dh's mom said,"Well, they should have at least put a sticker on it that said to remove it..." which led to my husband digging this out of the trash bin.

She just got through telling me that she was tired of us giving her heck for Christmas and now this. You are one in a million, JG. I am still laughing...
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