Saturday, March 03, 2007

You know it's cabin fever when...

  • you won't let the kids have a brownie for breakfast, but cin. toast crunch is okay?
  • your daughter's usual speedy morning 'pick out clothes' routine goes something like this...
  1. those unbuckle when I play with Sam
  2. those make swishy sound when I play hide and seek and he always finds me
  3. those are too hot
  4. those are too cold
  5. I like pink, but those are not my favorite color pink...
  • your son convinces you that you are a bad mom because you threw out the broken tool bench so you fabricate an alternate one using a cardboard box and some tape. you stupidly let him watch you while you stab the box with a scissors to make nail holes.

  • while you are in the first shower you have had in 3 days giving yourself a mini facial your son asks you every two, what's this thing for? mom is this the drill? mom is this the saw? (so much for washing your face), I am going to make more holes in the box, I don't have enough... (so much for the shower) What,? NO! wait for mommy...

  • your life motto changes every 10 minutes between No Diet Today, and Calgon Take Me Away...

  • your daughter asks if the interstate is open so daddy can come home yet.

  • your daughter decides to pray for everyone to get better so the hospital can close like school.

  • your daughter wants to finish the art project you started with her last night; while you are in the shower for the first time in three days.

  • you hop out of the shower and open the closet and the cat jumps out at you... he somehow got locked in?

  • your only contact with the outside world is email and blogging - wait that's normal!
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