Friday, March 23, 2007

You win some...

The kids have been outside since 8:45 this morning. When the sun comes out it is hard to keep us inside. Even the cat has been outdoors most of the day. Speaking of Sampson, recently I have become fed up with the litter box, the hair, and the constant licking that animal does. I have never been a cat person and I know there are people out there who are; I just can't bring myself to love him unconditionally. My daughter on the other hand is head over heels. After church on Wednesday night a friend came over to help me with a website thing and immediately he found it hard to breathe and needed some fresh air, I didn't realize cat dander affected some like that. I started thinking and both of my kids have been complaining of itchy eyes to the point that they don't even tell me anymore, they just run to the bathroom for a cool cloth (several times a day) and put it on their eyes (why this was not an immediate red flag for me I will blame, like I do every other thing I do wrong, on chemo brain). Okay so, FINALLY, I came to the conclusion that we should think about whether we might have allergies and if we should get rid of the cat. My daughter caught on right quick and in her little 5 year old brain managed to finagle us into some sort of family vote session. She lined up the chairs and before we knew it my husband and the kids were on one side and I was on the other. My husband was trying with all the power in his soul to keep from laughing as dd went down the line; "Daddy, say what you like about Sampson..." I felt like I was on the stand. When it came to my turn I had all three of the most important people in my life looking at me with sad eyes pleading with me to keep him. My daughter must have felt that I was lonely because she put a baby doll on my 'side' so I wouldn't be all alone. In the end, I gave up. They had good, loving things to say for every one of my complaints and it was 3 people, 1 doll, 1 bear and 1 pesky cat against mean old mom and a doll that was meant only to keep me company. I didn't stand a chance.
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