Monday, October 08, 2007

Chocolate cake, FOR BREAKFAST?

The little boy in our house turns 4 today. We have 'actually' (one of his favorite words) been celebrating all weekend. On Saturday, we took the kids to the Country apple orchard to the pumpkin festival. They rode horses, petted animals, rode a kiddie train, visited the pumpkin patch in a horse drawn hayride, and ran on the hay bales. It was a gorgeous day. By noon the temperature was near 90 and we left for the pizza parlor. (No, it wasn't Chucky Cheese!)

My dear little boy got to go hunting with daddy and his cousins a couple of times this weekend, too. He really enjoys the great outdoors. I asked him what he was going to be able to do now that he is four and he said, "Now I can probably tie my shoes and ride a 4-wheeler all by myself." Uh, huh.
Yesterday, after church, it was a totally different season. We went from summer to late fall in less than 12 hours. I had a lot of cleaning to finish and it took me all of the morning and then some. I had planned to attend an event in town, but the house got the best of me. I had to finish making applesauce, make a birthday cake, make chili for supper and help dh store the boat for winter.
I finished up the chocolate twinkie cake at about 8:30 last night. I could not get the filling to set up right and I know it had everything to do with the light butter I purchased while shopping in a brief fleeting moment when I decided to try and be more healthy. I hate that stuff. I will not buy it again. Real butter is the only way to go. The top layer of my cake sat upon this liquidy center and kept sliding off while I frosted it. It was a nightmare. So when ds asked if he could have chocolate cake for breakfast, I said, "Why not?" Life is short. How many times does a kid turn 4 anyway? So it was chocolate cake and milk for breakfast which with my 50% less fat butter may have even tied frosted flakes for the breakfast of champions award. The kids ate the frosting and left the cake, of course. Happy Birthday little guy! I love you.
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