Tuesday, October 23, 2007

um, DUH!

This is from my weekly email outlining what I may be feeling at 37 weeks...

This is the time that your child is completely ready, and that you yourself are ready to give birth and everything that goes with it. Only then are you really at peace. You will also become tired from having to drag your belly around all day. It's like there's a 33-pound (15-kilo) backpack full of kittens hanging on the front of your body and that is really something. . The baby will use up more and more energy from you. He fills himself day and night with (your) oxygen, food, precious proteins and minerals. Everything goes to the baby. It's no wonder that you feel dead tired sometimes. In addition, you are extra sensitive and sometimes your emotions are volatile. Your senses are heightened, especially your sense of smell. Your living environment is getting smaller and your resilience is lessening as well. You also become forgetful and your ability to concentrate is considerably diminished. You bump into all kinds of things with your big belly and sometimes you are so top-heavy that you almost topple over.

approach me at your own risk...

'nuff said
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