Friday, October 19, 2007

Me and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

It's been a h- e- double hockey stick of a week.

I worked Monday and had a get together at the school on Monday evening. I worked Tuesday and had to man the concession stand at the volleyball game Monday night. Wednesday I was my regular old chauffeur self to my kindergartner and my preschooler. I tried to catch up on things at the house, unsuccessfully. Wednesday I called to confirm my husband's 745 am tooth extraction in Mitchell and my 115 OB appointment in Sioux Falls. Hubby needs a new front tooth because he was an active 12 year old and, well, that was a long time ago. So I called to make sure his temporary tooth would be ready. I called to be sure someone could watch my kindergartner at 645 in the morning so we could get to said appointment (he needed a driver, because they put him under) in Mitchell on time. I put the kids to bed too late, I did the same for myself.

Thursday morning came too early and we barely got out of the house before 7 am. Finally on the road and 30 miles into our trip dh's cell phone rang. It was barely 730. I listened to hubby mumble into the phone and then pronunciates very clearly that we called to confirm yesterday to avoid any problems.

Seems the tooth is still in Mitchell, but the appointment was supposed to be in Sioux Falls. HUH? Oh, and could we kindly deliver the tooth to the office and they will move our appointment to 10ish. Dh was not very happy. Driving 100 miles out of our way to deliver the tooth we were told was already there yesterday was not a part of the plan. He got the directions to the lab and we forged ahead.

Since he could not eat or drink, I did not have the heart to ask him to stop for us, so my son and I used the restroom and got a chocolate milk and we left Mitchell.

Upon arrival at our new destination, my now blood boiling husband mentioned that we called the Mitchell office yesterday and they confirmed our appointment. She said all the calls are transferred through the Sioux Falls office and WE should have clarified where our appointment was. The paper I got from the receptionist at our dental office had huge red capital font on the top that read MITCHELL OFFICE. But I guess I am supposed to ignore huge red capital font when confirming appointments.

Ds is handling this amazingly well and we help ourselves to hot chocolate and tea in the waiting room where dh's blood pressure continues to rise. We wait over an hour. His name is called. I reluctantly go back with him for the consult. We wait again. The nurse says "I heard about your morning.", which leads me to believe the office gossip hounds have spread the word about the crabby patient.

The doctor comes in and has more choices for dh. Implant vs bridge, more money vs. money. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda... Husband refuses to be put under because it is now near 12 and we have to get to my OB appointment after his surgery and he does not want to pay extra for anesthetic. He did the same for his wisdom teeth.

Ds and I go out to waiting room/house for the day and take off our shoes and lay down. We are beat. It is raining. It has been raining for days. When will it ever stop raining?

Dh comes out and asks me to take care of the paperwork. His eyes are red. He has black rings under his eyes. We are all starving. It is 1245.

I pay the required 20%. Why do we have dental insurance that doesn't pay for most things anyway? We should save our premium for times like these and just skip the stupid cleanings...

We rush out, in the rain, to the car. I drive the 35 blocks to the hospital. I leave my over tired, crabby, hungry family in the car.

I check in at the clinic. I wait. Not too long, thank you Lord. I go in to see the Physician's assistant. She does the exam. She asks a few questions and decides to do a quick ultrasound to make sure all amniotic fluid is staying where it is supposed to. I reluctantly call husband to tell him. He takes son to McDonald's and meets me in ultrasound. We wait.

Ultrasound seemed normal. We got to see a 4-d picture of the baby and he/she was smiling. We could learn a thing or two from a smiling baby. They will call with the results.

We head to the car, in the rain. We stop to replace a windshield wiper. We go through the Taco Bell drive through for baby, and mom. It is 245. We race home to pick up firstborn child at school.We arrive as school is letting out. We drive home. We feed her tacos to keep her happy. We all lie down for a bit. It is still raining.

We skip supper,dh heads to the football game, in the rain, to clear his head (shopping for me, football for him. The kids go to bed. I go to bed. The end.

I hope it stops raining today.
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