Tuesday, October 02, 2007

so can I...

Thanks Karen for the widget idea. It will help me count down the next month or so.

I went to my OB just yesterday and she says everything is fine and dandy. My feet and hands are swollen and numb, my pelvis is aching and I am just plain tired all the time, because sleeping is completely unsuccessful. It is getting pretty difficult to find things to be happy about. I have begun, in the last few weeks, to feel pretty helpless. I need a chair with a pillow on it to do the dishes. I loose my breath walking up three steps. My t-shirts and jeans are too tight. I am hungry and full at the same time. Coffee is even not tasting any good right now. You know something is up when I can't finish my mug of morning java. My kids have been great. They hurry to help me pick up things I have dropped (so that their ears can avoid the loud grunting sound I make as I bend over to grab it I suppose). I wasn't even asked to help at the church dinner last weekend. I carried my cake pan and a bowl of fruit over and I had to stop in the middle of the street to catch my breath. This morning I was standing on the corner of my block watching my dd ride her bike to the school when someone who was gawking at my enormous belly almost missed their turn. It was embarrassing. I just feel like there is not much I can do until this baby comes, so much for nesting.

I was reading the Pregnancy magazine at the doctor yesterday and came across this t-shirt. At least I am still good for something right now, even if I couldn't fit my fat butt in that baby t.
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