Monday, May 25, 2009

Day before Memorial Day Photos

Addi uses the stilts.
Hannah Hosanna wants to bathe in the water.One little, two little, TWELVE little grandkids eat around the picnic table. Pork loin, chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, asparagus, strawberries and watermelon filled the plates and bellies :)
Pat and Joel go for a ride. Can you please go faster, daddy?
Filling up the squirt thingys with water from Grandma's bird bath.

They had to find something manly to do. I made them pose for this picture, they were pooped.

Addison checks out Grandma's homemade greenhouse while chowing on the melon.

Everybody mulches!

We didn't really have any plans for this holiday weekend. At the last minute my sister decided to pack up her dog and her four kiddos and make the trip south to see us. We spent Saturday morning garage saleing in the rain, what fun:) We even stopped at Old Navy for their one day one dollar flip flop sale!

Sunday we went to church together and then spent the day gardening and playing at Grandma's.It was a very impromptu reunion. We mulched the garden, checked out Grandma's homemade greenhouse, watched Ryan and Ben chop some wood, rode the four-wheeler, played with squirt guns, ate, tried out the pogo sticks and stilts and lost the dog for a full 24 hours. My lovely husband helped start a fire and we ended the evening with about two dozen smores'. YUMMO!

This morning we all went to the Memorial Day service at the school and then I went off to triple coupon day at Sunshine. We took the kids to Pizza Ranch and now everyone is full and sleepy. I feel a family nap day coming on...

Hope your long weekend was as sweet as ours!
*below you will see that Uncle Ben had to try out those stilts, too!

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