Friday, May 01, 2009


When I was growing up my parents were, um, open. They often walked through the house naked or mostly naked. It wasn't something that was ugly or dirty. It just was. We had a hot tub in the porch. My whole family would dress in the living room although not all at the same time. Partly because the laundry room was in the basement and the bedrooms were upstairs. The main floor was the warmest and was where the bathroom was located for showering. We used the bathroom with the door open. We bathed my brothers in the sink. It's just the way it was. In fact, both my brothers were born in my living room. I watched the whole thing. I have the photos to prove it.

As I got older, I noticed that other people were not as open. Other moms did not squat in the middle of the living room (this time fully clothed) to show you how to properly insert a tampax. Other mom's didn't ask you what color your poop was. Mom was not above talking about anything. She explained everything and even borrowed a book from the library to further educate us about things.

I think I use a bit more restraint when it comes to my own family.I don't want to be all the way on the other side and be hush hush and hoity toity, but Ryan and I agree a little privacy makes us more comfortable. We still use the restroom with the door open, but we don't walk around naked or anything. Maybe we would if we didn't live in town, just kidding. I guess I admire my parents for their ability to not be self-conscious about their bodies. The 70's were a really different time for young adults and awareness and acceptance of others.

This morning Gavin was getting dressed in the bathroom and Addison walked up to him and pulled on the only thing that she could get her hands on. She is a curious creature and, well, it is sort of an interesting part of a boy's anatomy. I was really proud of Gavin, he just said, "Don't Addi, that hurts!" I tried, I really did, to hold my laughter, but I barely made it out of the bathroom before I busted up. I told him that he best be getting dressed in his room from now on. She is still trying to figure this world out, you know? I am sure those of you with big brothers have a few stories of your own.
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