Monday, May 04, 2009

gel seat and no more treats

I have loosened the shoe laces, worn a larger size and just plain walked through the pain and I think the foot is getting better. My ankle is still sore, but I think that is a joint thing since my knees, hips, wrists and elbows are all singing the same song.

I have graduated to the bike. THE BIKE, people. The bike that my hubby and I bought with leftover wedding money. We got a matching pair. Mine has since hung in the garage for 10 years collecting dust and bird poo.

Thanks to the generosity of good friend, I dusted the old blue girl off and got her running. I took her for a test ride and the first gear switch sent my chain a' flying so I had to have the hubby fix that. Then I hooked up the bike trailer (generous donation) and took off, only to find that the seat was so low my legs could not extend and I felt like I was riding my sons 12 inch dirt bike. I stopped at my brothers place and had him extend my seat for me. Then it was smooth sailing. Well, sailing at least. I can't go uphill even a tiny bit. A small incline makes me huff and puff and I am pretty sure it would happen even without those two 25+ pound babies in the trailer.

Everything was going along fine until I realized that my bum was numb. What do they make those bike seats out of, iron? OUCH! I had to get off to push us home. As I was walking along explaining to the girls that riding a bike hurt as much as child birth my neighbor hollered out to me. Guess what? She had one of those gel seats and so graciously offered it up to my aching pelvis (more generosity). Man, I love this little neck of the woods. Ask and you shall receive, knock and it will be answered. Complain on the street and your neighbor will succumb and give you her gel seat.

So, after I put the kids to bed I decided to celebrate my new found energy and will for exercising. I thought since I had both walked and rode the bike I deserved a cookie. I chomped down hard on that chocolate chunk goodness and almost bit through my tongue. What's the old saying? No pain, no gain.

I then and there gave up any and all chewing, at least until my tongue heals.
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