Monday, May 18, 2009

Momma bear and fuzzy hair

Maleah's first grade class had their play on Friday. It was a huge success. Maleah played the part of momma bear.

I have been experimenting with a few hair ideas for her since her hair is getting long and is all one length. We are trying to make it long enough to cut some off for locks of love. We have the urge to chop it, but as long as I can do something to it she seems to be satisfied.

Last night after her bath, I put rag curls in. Basically, I cut rags from an old sheet and wrapped one inch sections of her hair in it. She slept on it, soundly. This morning we took them out and WOWEE! Fuzzy, wuzzy hair. I think I may do a few things differently next time like try to be more uniform with my sections and take smaller section on the top part, but mostly she was really pleased with the result. I was thankful for an easy 'do this morning, too. Thanks to Jenn for the cool idea.
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