Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scratching the itch.

Hi, pretty Baby!

Last night I had heartburn. Heartburn makes me think of pregnancy.
A couple of nights ago Ad fell asleep in daddy's arms. He said, "I wonder how many more times this is gonna happen? Not too many more, I fear."
Pastor's wife is 37 weeks pregnant. She looks beautiful. She is all a glow.
Nora is getting up on all fours. She is so close to crawling, we can all taste it.
There is something amazing about babies. They are so miraculous. The pregnancy itself is something so wonderfully awesome. It's hard to put into words (and the excuse to wear elastic waistband pants is pretty cool, too).
Then there is the birth and those first 6 months of joyful learning and no sleep.
I think Ry and I are realizing this is the last of babies.
It is sort of a hard pill to swallow.
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