Thursday, September 21, 2006

From Butterflies to Blogs today was BUSY!

I reentered the work force for a full day today. I was a bit anxious about my tummy but when I woke up I found one of my daughters cocoons had changed colors. I thought to myself, maybe we might get a monarch today and what a wonderful day to be subbing in the third grade! So I packed up all my cares and woes and my peanut butter jar of cocoons and went to school. Sometime after we went to lunch the butterfly emerged and the life cycle was completed. The children were so excited about the butterfly saying things like, "She needed her privacy, that's why she came out when we were at lunch." and "It's the beginning of a new life." Even the rain outside that cut recess short couldn't dampen the spirits in that classroom. They were bubbling over with energy. We shared the butterfly with most of the other classes too. I am such a nerd.
Being out and about brings me back to reality. I learned that the principal is having surgery for a benign tumor and he is expected to recover and return to school soon. At lunch I heard some disturbing information concerning the community daycare and it tugged at my heartstrings. If you are interested in finding out more about the issue concerning the daycare check out this site.
Add it to your favorites list and stay connected with your community. I believe it's important to stay informed about issues that affect my community. The services we provide (like childcare) can help us attract people which in turn brings; business to Main Street, new construction in our residential areas and, ultimately, more students into our school. The school is really important to our community. It employs many of our people, it educates our children and it fosters an amazing sense of community pride! Support your local business and services , we will not survive as a village without them. Don't think it can't happen, believe me I know the power of the people.
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