Sunday, September 10, 2006

God's Agenda

I am bringing it ALL to the table. My head is swimming with anticipation. I love weekends like this. Especially when they exceed all your expectations and leave you swirling in the goodness of sweet Christian fellowship. It all began not too long ago when a friend invited me to Beth Moore. Beth who? Yeah, that's what I was like, too. The more I think about it, it may be Beth Moore for me it's probably something different for you, maybe your monthly Bible study, or your personal prayer time - a time when you are in a direct parallel with God, it's the moment that that light clicks on in your head and you say, "Oh, that is what I am supposed to be doing." This has happened several times in my life. Each time I feel motivated to do something about it. I know what some of you are thinking, this girl is cuckoo from chemo. But, just for this post, give me the benefit of the doubt and keep reading.

I have been wondering how to do this since I stopped working. I talked with a friend at church about it and she agreed that we could all benefit from it and enjoy each other's fellowship. I love to learn. It make me feel young and keeps my brain alive. Yesterday on the way to the conference I spoke about it briefly to a friend and she, too, agreed there was a need. Then, at the conference in the the booklet it was written in black and white (actually chocolate brown and sage green - now that I have a lot of designer friends I should try to be a little more specific). "How To Start A Bible Study". Well, I may not be a rocket scientist but it can't really get much clearer than that. So I race home after, of course, fighting for 'air time' with 4 amazing women at lunch (thanks for the amazing time girls same time next week?). And this is the super duper amazingly awesome part, get this - according to the web site, there is a training session, next month not even 30 miles from my house. IS THAT A SIGN FROM GOD OR WHAT?

A few years ago, a wonderful women in our community held Saturday morning sessions in her home. It was an amazing time for Christian fellowship, prayer, and an excellent Scripture learning opportunity. Women from 4 different denominations attended, the thing we all had in common was our yearning for learning the Bible. I really enjoyed my time there. Several times I have thought of starting a Bible study in my home. I didn't know how to start, I can't imagine myself being a leader or what materials to use. I only know that I want to study the Word of God. Attending Beth Moore's Living Proof Life has turned the light on again for me. This time, I am going to do everything it takes to try and make this a reality. The four hours in the arena felt like minutes yesterday. I was so intent on studying the story of the Last Supper in Luke:22 that I completely lost track of time. She made it so interesting with references to Dueteronomy, Exodus, I Corinthians and more. I was flipping pages in my Bible faster than I can blink. Several times in her session she took moments to motivate us to inhale the truth of Scripture and make our life a priority to God. She said that Christianity is NOT the unthinking man's religion. It is based on fact and truth from historical eyewitness' mixed in with a splash of prophesy. It is perfectly reasonable and beyond a shadow of a doubt that God sent his only Son to die for my sins and free me to live an eternal life in Heaven. It says so in John 3:16. Isn't that so AMAZING?

Coming SOON to a (hopefully clean) home near you! A Bible study where we can come together to learn about God breathed Scripture through fellowship, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Love of God. Can I hear an Amen? If this doesn't motivate me to make this happen, I don't know what will.

UPDATE: pastor's sermon this morning was about how to be a SERVANT! I can't believe it. He talked about making choices to prioritize Christ in our lives. I spoke with Pastor after church about how I felt and do you know what he said? "What's stopping you?"
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