Saturday, September 16, 2006

Frustrated by the FUNK.

Nothing like a little South Dakota tornadic weather to free you from the funk of life and remind you of your priorities. Tonight the siren went off several times and my dh and my mom spotted the real thing. I remember exactly where I was the night the tornado hit Spencer. I was in a totally different place in my life, but some of the same thoughts that crossed my mind that night ventured into my conscience tonight. Life is so precious, I do not want to take it for granted. What we have at this moment could be gone in a flash of wind and storm.
Obviously this week was a chemo week hence my lack of posting. I am practicing the "if you can't say anything nice don't say it at all" lesson. I have noticed that the worse I feel the more apt I am to bite someone's head off. My dh just called and wanted to know what I wanted to do tonight and I was astounded that he even thought I would feel like doing anything. "I don't feel good," I said for the millionth time. I can't believe he even puts up with me when I act so immaturely. My sister tried to cheer me up yesterday by taking me shopping and all I did was complain about my feet and my stomach the whole time. I am so frustrated with my fatigue and lack of patience. I should be celebrating the good news of remission and all I can think about is fast forwarding to the end of the year when I am done with chemo.

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