Friday, September 29, 2006

My place in this world...

So much for my good intentions to keep up with posting this week. The great thing is that the week has flown by and I have not had much time to wallow in my misery. I am exhausted and feeling a little under the weather but it is not going to get me down.
We have had another amazing week of nourishment from the community. The food feeds our bodies and the gesture fills up our souls to the very brim. We are so thankful. We are so blessed.
Dd had her first preschool 'field trip' this week to the local salon to get beautified. The theme is 'all about me' and let me tell you she has this one figured out. A little curl, a little hairspray, a little eyeshadow and some glitter nailpolish and she is good to go. I volunteered to 'help'. As I watched these young innocent children looking at their reflections in the mirror I wondered what thoughts were bouncing in their tiny heads. Exploring who we are and how we fit into this world is such a amazing concept. What better place to review it than in the fantastic resilience of a preschool classroom? I wanted to whisper in their little ears that each one of them is a beautiful creation and they have so much potential and that they are loved so dearly by those around them. I know I take for granted how lucky I am, raising up my children in a place where life is valued and my kids are loved not only by their blood relatives but by the members of this tiny slice of heaven I call my hometown. Again, I count my blessings. I pray that all children will know their place in this world.
My husband's little sister is a nursing student at USD. She needed some children to observe for a class and we so graciously volunteered ours. I thought for sure I would enjoy the quietness of an evening alone yet both my dh and I found ourselves a little lonely come bedtime. 'The house is too quiet," he said as we poured our tired bodies into bed. We only had to call once to check on them. She wanted to keep them for a couple of nights, but we'll see how tired she is this afternoon after 24 hours at the hurried pace of a potty training toddler and a busy preschooler.
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