Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I know my abc's isn't that enough?

Today is my dh's birthday. I went all out and made him a cake. It took me all yesterday to muster up the energy to do even that. I am such a good wife. Must have been some boring winter seasons in the past for the Gordon's, there are about a million birthdays in August and September, or at least five or six out of nine. When we were first married, I tried to remember everyone's birthday, now I have difficulty remembering even my immediate family members special days. Luckily we have one each month from September to December and then we get the rest of the year off. I think God is laughing at me because He knows I cannot remember dates at all. I went to elementary and high school in Montrose. My class size varied from 5 to almost a dozen over the years and we graduated with a whopping 9 students. Now, you'd think that I would remember my classmates birthdays since I celebrated some of them every year for thirteen years. I can probably get the month right on most of them, but the date? No way. I think it's some faulty memory cell thing my brain has. The other day some girls and I were out to lunch and one of them reminisced about working on a historical timeline project once. She was making fun of herself as she talked about not even recognizing some of the infamous people in the photos, like Oliver North and Nelson Mandela. I laughed so hard as I thought of myself trying to remember historical events. I don't think of myself as uneducated, I just think of myself as being 'specialized' in certain aspects of my education. My brain chooses to remember things that I use most often in life like spelling and grammar rules instead of historical dates and most mathematical equations. Doctors have specializations, why can't I?
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