Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey, Hey we're the Monkeys!

We decided to head south for dh's birthday and spend some much overdue time with his parents. I told myself I would feel better using distraction therapy. We left early in the day to do some shopping in Mitchell. My dd really wanted to get her daddy a birthday present so I persuaded dear dad to let us walk around the Goodwill in search of the perfect gift. She took every stuffed animal out of the bin until she found the perfect stuffed monkey with a tall hat that said Happy Birthday. She also chose a pink monkey with velcro hands that sings the first four lines of the Monkey's theme song. She was so excited exclaiming, "These are for you and daddy, mom!" She made dad look the other way while we made our purchases (it was a steal at 35 cents a piece). I barley had time to think of my tummy problems during the trip. As soon as we got to Grandma's she made daddy open the gifts. She was so proud of her presents. We spent the afternoon fishing at Lake Henry and the kids caught at least four Blue Gill a piece. I caught a small Bass and daddy caught one of each. It was great fun and I could have kicked myself for not bringing the camera. My son made some pretty awesome memories nevertheless. We had an awesome meal of pork ribs and cheesy potatoes and my favorite creamed green beans. YUM! We broke into the better than "pretty much anything" cake later on and we ALL came home with tummy aches.

The craziest thing happened when we got home. The monkeys had been riding on the dash together the whole afternoon. When dh went to bring them in the house he said he found them in a different position. We are going to have to keep a close eye on these monkey's, I think they're nothing but trouble.
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