Monday, September 11, 2006

It felt like my birthday.

I hope that standing on my feet for hours and shivering in the cold dusk of South Dakota evenings isn't considered exercise because the nurse specifically told me that physical activity is not recommended before a PET scan. I couldn't pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the work of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, so when my friend called with VIP passes I had to say, "Yes Lord, send me!" It was a joy to see the people all coming together for this family. It is so refreshing to see cameras taping good people doing good, decent things. The VIP tent was fully stocked with snacks and even some entertainment, an acapella family quartet. It was bliss. This on top of Beth Moore coupled with a girlfriend lunch on Saturday and an sermon on Sunday that picked up my weary soul and breathed life back into it. I know it's not November but it felt like my birthday.

PET scan is scheduled for 10:30 am this morning with results to be read tomorrow at my chemo appointment. May the Lord and I be on the same page for this one granting me full remission from Hodgkins.
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