Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Baseball, Strep Throat, and Ice Cream Delights

Late yesterday we had a surprise visitor and my kids were so excited to see Grandpa. They must have played ball for an hour. My ds ate 3 apples from our trees in the backyard because Grandpa kept picking them. These are the memories I hope my children will keep forever.

My dd has strep throat. She has had fevers for the last couple of nights and we just couldn't keep them away. She will be on antibiotics for the next few days to help her fight that bacterial infection off. Doctor says I will be fine, just wash wash wash my hands.

I put a pony in today and I had to wrap the band around several times, usually I can only get it two or three times. I estimate that I have lost about 1/3 of my hair. It is really thin. But, there are no obvious patches although you can see more of my scalp, now I can make a cool part and have people actually see it. I hate the fact that I am hung up on the hair. I spent most of yesterday doing dd hair and we even put tiny pony tails in my ds's, he looked so goofy, but he wanted them.

After the doctor visit this am, we went to the pet store to replace "Cinderella" the fish that died this weekend. We had her for almost 9 months, so we are hoping that this one will live as long or longer. We made a vow to not use water from the dehumidifier this time:(

My Dh's sister is coming today from out of state and we are excited to see her. My daughter loves her cousins dearly and thoroughly enjoys bugging them to no end. It will be nice to visit with her tonight and she would like to make dh's ballgame tomorrow in Mitchell. It's gonna be a late one and I have decided to get a sitter for the kids so I can enjoy the game and not have to worry about kids up way past their bedtime. Of course, I haven't asked anyone yet, so I may end up not going at all.

Last night the feast was amazing and the dessert made me gain 5 pounds. I think that is why I am feeling one step behind today. Tomorrow is going to be just as bad, because I am finishing that divine delicacy this evening. It has ice cream sandwiches and whipped cream and chocolate and caramel and toffee chips and, well, if it hasn't made your mouth water by now you aren't human.

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