Thursday, August 31, 2006

Water tastes like metal and juice like kerosene so give me a Diet Coke!

Jitters, shakes, pins and needles have been dominating my day. I thought perhaps it was the leaded coffee I have been drinking since my body is more accustomed to the half-caf or completely unleaded. I just can't get rid of it. I woke up and felt too woozy to take a shower, can you imagine? The thought of hot water on me made me want to hurl. So I updid the hair, rewashed the face and brushed the teeth before we headed to the big city. My dd was so excited to get her hair cut, did I teach her to be so vain? How can I strive to be such good and moral person and still love bling and pedicures? It will never cease to amaze me. She looks adorable nonetheless and I can't wait until she stops asking me every five minutes..."Is my hair still short mom?" mmm hmmm. Those of you with four-year olds going on 14 know what I am talking about. My son actually shocked me this am as we were all preparing to go out the door he ran to the bathroom, grabbed a rag, soaked it in water, and pushed it up over his forehead forcing the 9 strands of hair that my husband insists upon leaving as bangs pointing straight to heaven. "I did my hair today," he exclaimed as he proudly pointed to his reflection in the mirror. I laughed so hard I almost peed my capris.

My dh brought me home some spray for dry mouth called Oasis. It tastes sort of like a watered down mint mist. I think it works, but I am not for sure yet. My taste buds are so outta whack. I am hungry every two hours. I have got to remember to pack snacks, I think that's why I get the shakes when I am out and about, I need a boost to get me through the afternoon hours. This afternoon I had cinnamon sugar toast and that hit the spot. I was reminded of the yummy snack while watching the little kindergarteners climb onto the school bus after school today. I am sure anyone who saw me thought I was nuts, being almost brought to tears by such a normal everyday sight. I could smell the hay in the barn where I stood on the steps while my mom snapped a photo of me on the first day of school. As I watched my daughters friend wave through the window with his face pressed to the rectangular window, I was reminded of my own long rides home on the big yellow bus, I remember waving to my brothers and sisters as I left in the morning and again as soon as we cleared the final hill and I could see the hundred year old farm house in the dusk. In the winter mom would have a pot of hot milk boiling and maybe some homemade bread. As I got older mom took a night job and making the afterschool snacks became my responsibility which is when they became more simple. Man, I feel old, but what a good memory.
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