Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'll have a red beer with a side of gas-x and ibuprofen.

The past couple of days I have had this tummy ache cramp thing. It is not nice. I can sometimes ignore it if I get distracted but usually I am gritting my teeth and bearing through it. I haven't slept soundly in a couple of nights even with diazepam. I participated in a CPR class Monday evening and the nurse who was in charge is a friend so I asked her about some disgusting oozage my port scar has been having and she thought maybe I could call the dr. So I did. Tuesday morning I went in and the pushed and squeezed on it until more gross yellow oozage came out and told me to keep it dry and clean. Whew, that was worth the trip. I asked about my tummy cramps and the nurse said, "Hmm, I don't know, there always is that one person who has these symptoms that nobody else has and makes it difficult. We could x-ray your abdomen and see if we can find anything or you can just try and treat it." Okay. I was always the one who wanted to be first and strived for attention, now my body is doing it for me. Really, I just want to feel better. "Is it cramps or nausea?" she asks me. What's the difference? It hurts, I feel sick, I want to feel better and not have to hold my tummy all day long. I would like to sleep at night. Do you have anything that may help me accomplish that? "Try gas-x and ibuprofen." she says. Great. So I drive to Walgreens and buy the biggest bottle of ibuprofen, even though I have one at home and a pack of gas-x which looks like fancy expensive antacid. I took as much as I could handle yesterday and this morning I was symptom free until after lunch. Maybe it's food. What am I supposed to be eating? Of course, she called me this morning to check on me when I was feeling good. Figures. On the way out of the clinic yesterday I asked her if she could get me some anti-crabby pills. She laughed and said, "Most of our patients have a excuse for their crabiness."

It is hot today, I got outside early and picked some garden goods. We have way too many tomato and pepper plants and I am not canning anything this year so I took them down to the school and hopefully someone can use them. There is more where that came from, too. A neighbor brought over some homemade v-8 juice and I can't wait to open a can of beer and have a "red". Maybe I'll toast the nurses at the oncology clinic.
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