Monday, August 21, 2006

Learning to jump the waves is a part of His plan.

Spent the weekend with my family catching up on time lost in the fast paced summer of baseball. The Muckdogs had a great season. I missed most of it this year. I always feel a little relief along with the sadness that the end of the season brings. Those boys devote a lot of hard work and energy into that game and it is extremely enjoyable to see their hard work payoff. I have no doubt they will make it as far if not further next year. Good game, boys!

We spent Friday relaxing and Saturday we participated in some community activities. It was really nice to see everyone coming out to support the community. I am not sure that everyone knows what a diamond in the rough this town is. While we were out and about a friend invited us to the lake so we loaded up the boat and took the whole family to the beach. Dh's sister came along and couldn't stop saying how wonderful the water was and how amazing the campground is. I was astounded at how I could be taking one more thing for granted, especially in the midst of all I have been through. We live less than 10 miles from a nice body of water and how dare I ignore it. As I watched my friend teaching my dd and ds how to jump over the waves that came up to the shore, memories of my childhood and many many trips to the lake flooded my brain. My mom would pack a picnic basket and we would spend the whole day playing in the water and the sand. In June of this year, my dd went to a birthday party at the lake and she had so much fun. I can't believe we don't go the lake more often. We enjoyed some quality family time and time with friends. Come to find out if it wasn't for that lake being so close to town, we may have never met them at all. Now I don't believe in destiny or coincidence, but I do believe that God has a plan, and everyday I am reminded of how He orchestrates my life and the lives of others.

Sunday I drug my tired body out of bed and walked across the long street to church. I was so glad that I fought the urge to stay in bed because the woman who wrote me a letter about her cancer was in town visiting her mom and it was so great to see her and hug her. I think we are like little life jackets for each other. Just the few minutes I had to speak with her again rejuvenated my body to take on yet another day. Isn't God's plan fantastic?

At the doctor on Tues. he asked me sort of in an afterthought, "any nightsweats yet?" As I thought about it and shook my head, "no", I made a mental note of my symptoms. Night sweats = gone, hacker cough = gone, weight loss = unfortunately gone, wait a minute...does this mean I am going to be cancer free? I don't want to get my hopes up too high but it is certainly encouraging. I mean the night sweats and cough have been replaced by hair loss and tummy aches due to the chemotherapy, but when I am done with treatment those things should be gone, too. I am nervous, excited and anxious to have this PET scan so I will know for sure. I am not a very patient person and it is taking a ton of energy to wait.
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