Friday, August 11, 2006

If you can't kick the funk, ignore it.

We made an impromptu visit to the campground in Yankton yesterday. Dh's sister was camping with friends and we sort of invited ourselves. We brought the boat and the kids went tubing. They had so much fun. I am so glad we decided to go. I was able to visit with family and forget about the funk temporarily and when the funk got the best of me I napped in an airconditioned camper, now that's living. We packed so quickly, I forgot my camera. Which means these memories will be only in our heads and hearts.
I was too scared to get in the water, my fear of infection wins out most days. My ds had a fever after the boat ride and I didn't hesitate to call the doctor for meds. I told the nurse it's two for the price of one week, she didn't laugh but called the script into the pharmacy anyway. I am sure he caught what my daughter has.
I forgot how great the outdoors are. It was really nice to sit and watch the water. There was a lot of shade and a small breeze. It was pretty humid and later in the evening I was pretty sticky after playing a game of bean bags with my family, but it was well worth it. I think it's the only exercise I've had since they made me take walks after surgery. I am so out of shape, that's part of the reason swimming scares me. Normally I am winded after being in the water. I can't imagine trying to swim in my current physical position. Yet, being the athletic studette that I am I was able to get the win for my team in bean bags. I came through in the end and sunk two needed bags in the hole. The second game has a different ending, though. If you ask me, it was getting too dark and I needed to end the game, that's why I chose to put one on the board after the other team went bust...yeah, that's what happened.
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