Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chemotherapy, Round 4 (eight more to go)

Took my mother today to treatment, dh had to work and the kids went to daycare. It was a 9 o'clock which is pretty late so we didn't even get started till almost 11. It went smoothly but made for a long day. Mom taught me how to crochet and I am making a gift for a dear friend of mine. It is so easy. I love it. I laughed because before cancer I would have never had the patience to sit and learn such a craft. I am just not a patient person, or was not. My mom had to giggle, too, she said she would have never even thought of teaching me before....just goes to show that God knew what He was doing. I am a more patient, more compassionate, more educated, more open minded person which is an awesome trade off for a few chemo treatments and a surgery or two. My body heals fast and my soul is fed forever. Praise the LORD!
My precious children had an awesome day and were in such good care, they came home using words like short and long in a sentence. My son told me a story about his picture that he colored. He even named all the people in it. It brought tears to my eyes. One of my main priorities when I chose to become a sahm (stay at home mom) was to use my education degree to the fullest extent and make little geniuses out of my children, needless to say I have failed big time on that goal. I hardly play with them anymore, I always have some excuse...I'm tired, or I'm busy or I have to clean up. What is the matter with me, why can't I just stop and hold them? I think that is the thing I miss the most, just grabbing them up and holding them. I am just now getting enough strength to attempt it and man does it feel good. Praise the LORD, again!
A super amazing gift from God friend turned me on to another spectacular blog today. I think the blog is replacing coffee time in my generation, we are all too busy with our everyday to get together so we talk to each other through writing about our daily experiences. Isn't it amazing how someone else's day can affect our emotions. I love blogging. We never even see or hear each other, but we feel like we are true friends.... I read some where that a friend is someone you can sit with for awhile and not say a word and walk away feeling like you had the best conversation ever. I feel that way about reading other people's snipit's of our daily walks in life. They are really amazing conversations between friends that don't even know each other. Praise the LORD a third time. AMEN!
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