Monday, August 14, 2006

Did I mention that chemo causes memory loss?

My memory is not as good as it was in college or my first year of teaching. In fact, my memory has been decreasing in power for few years now. I try to write everything down and my fridge is full of little papers and sticky notes with phone numbers and lists. Every time someone brings a dish I put their initials on the dish so I can remember who to return it to. I was scared silly when I read that memory loss is another symptom of chemotherapy and I joked about it with family for the first week. So this week when I goofed and dialed the wrong number I should have remembered to use it as an excuse, but I was too embarrassed and....I forgot.

My dd has been wanting to go to the store for me. Her 8 year old cousin was here last week and we needed something from the store (it's less than two blocks from my house). So she sent the 8 year old up to get it. Well, my dd just thought that was really cool and she has been bugging us to let her go and get one thing from the store. Yesterday, dh gave in and let her walk with ds to get a Sunday paper. He watched her the whole time, he had to walk across the street to the apartments on Main so he could see them go into the store. Okay, well I wanted to warn the store, right? So I quick dialed the number and a woman answered "Hello?" and I said "is this the store?" "uh huh" she said so I told them who I was and that my 4 year old was coming to get a paper. Then I hung up. Dd and ds made it back safely and they were so proud of themselves and I secretly knew it was the phone call that clinched it. Then about a half an hour later the phone rang and it was a local number, a woman said, "Rani, we are going to the cafe now, so we won't be home." I said, "huh?" and she hung up. I called her back and said, "Did you mean to call me?" She said, "Yes, you said your daughter was coming to get the paper and she hasn't shown up yet, I just didn't want her to knock on the door and have no one home." I had called the wrong number. Sigh.

By the way, isn't it only in the 'village' that you can call someone and tell them you need the paper and they don't even blink an eye about it? Tons Of Wonderful Neighbors= town, another prime example.
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