Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why Are You Optimistic About the Future?

As a lover of words and the way that people can manipulate them to make phrases and sentences that move me when I read them, I often come across a piece of writing that gives me goosebumps. I feel like sometimes I just don't have the right words to say what I really mean. Today, after my dh induced nap I was reading the news on my most favorite news website ever and I came across this paragraph. I have included the link above so that the author can get full credit, his essay is an amazing story of his life and I would encourage you to read it in its' entirety. But I just had to cut and paste the part below because it says exactly what I have learned in the past few weeks while fighting this disease. And even now hours after chemo, when I am tired and sick and a little crabby, I want everyone to know that deep down inside me in the essence of Rani there is a pilot light of optimism that will never be extinguished. The power for this fire comes from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; and from my handsome hubby and my strong and amazing mom and my beautiful children and my family and friends. EVERYDAY one (or several) of you provide me with the energy to keep that light burning. I know that it will continue to burn eternally through prayer, words, food, gifts, cards, hugs, kisses, or just your presence in my life. Stop rambling, Rani, and let them read.....

I am optimistic because I have learned that what endures will not be our possessions, or our careers or even our reputation, because in time those will all fade away, but how we live our life, the good things we do - the acts of kindness and the sacrifices, large and small, for our family, for our friends and for complete strangers, those things will live on in ways that we can never imagine. Every one of us has the opportunity to make a difference every day of our lives.
And it's never too late.

Leonard S. Joy
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