Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ask the animals and they will teach you. Job 12:7

I have spent the last two days taking my pets to and from the vet clinic to have them spayed and neutered. I feel like Bob Barker. Anyway; Sampson had quite the night before his appointment with the knife. He has been wanted to go outside more often and sits by the patio door and sort of meows this growl until someone lets him out. He is usually back in moments waiting for someone to let him in. Monday night he shot out the door like a bullet and we didn't see him until morning a full hour and a half AFTER his scheduled appointment, thank goodness for small town vet clinics who will allow you to bring your promiscuous pets in late...dh and I believe he knew what was to come and just wanted one bachelor night on the town before the snip snip. If you find a litter of kittens in a few months, we are pleading the fifth. Sam didn't go without a fight, I actually had to put him in the pet porter to get him out of the house after he gouged my dd's cheek.

Shiloh's appointment was today and she was stupidly eager to go. Maybe that is the difference between the cat and the dog? One can anticipate what comes next and the other is, well, non anticipatory.

There is something to be said about not worrying about what comes next though isn't there? I know the moment I found out about my cancer I got online and started searching medical sites and blogs and reading all this stuff about how my body was going to change during chemotherapy and frankly, it was scary stuff. I think I would have been a whole lot better if I had never googled at all. In the hospital, when I was the most shut off from the Internet world as I had been in months. I spent time reading God's word with my dh and even though I was still scared, it brought peace to me, along with some powerful pain medicine:) I was just thinking it might be easier and less stressful to go through life like Shiloh, just taking every ball as it comes to you. Figuring out how to get through each pitch one at a time. I may strike out a couple of times, but I think I am having more fun playing life this way than trying to figure everything out before it happens...

My new favorite goto book is "Lessons from Lucy about Loving God" by Wendy Murray Zoba. Lucy is a Labrador retriever/Boy kin spaniel mix and she became a "life-giving" teacher to the author. Here is a little tidbit to spark your curiosity...

Be dressed for service and well prepared, as though you were waiting for your master to return...Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks. Luke 12:35-36 She (Lucy) doesn't understand when you say, "I'll play ball with you tomorrow." There is only today. Are you going to play ball?
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