Sunday, January 21, 2007

A hundred dollar day...

Some of my bloggirlfriends recently blogged about the $100 store. I, too, spend almost that much every time I go there. It's like a curse or something, go in for Robitussin come out with $93 more of stuff. Remember in the 80's and early 90's when there was all that talk about brainwashing through music, maybe they caught on and it's a subliminal message pumped through their speakers. "Spend a hundred dollars today, spend a hundred dollars today..." (note to self, no more posting after 11 pm I am just too weird)It is hands down the fastest way to burn $100, but not my favoritist(yes, I have a minor in English, but sometimes it's just plain fun to make up words).

Saturday was thrifting day. We planned it for weeks, maybe even a month. My sister came down from way up yonder to spend the whole day in Sioux Falls. Her mission; worthy toys for her in home daycare, my friends' mission; vintage flatware for her most recent project, my mission; fun bargain hunting (I never really need anything, but I ALWAYS find something I can't live without:)) I hope you are laughing,I do not have a problem. Stop reading this mom, I learned my techniques for bargain hunting from the many shirts do you have in your closet?

First stop; a tiny little place with more stuff in it than Benson's Flea Market called Slightly Used. My friend found some monogrammed silver for 10 cents apiece. My sister found some toys and I bought, among other got to have finds, a vintage golden book called, "How God Gives us chocolate".

Pocketbooks a little lighter and van a little more weighed down with 80 pieces of silverware; we head to the Goodwill. JACKPOT! Toys galore for my sister, a velvet blazer and a tweed blazer along with a camo (wish I would have went last week, see my earlier post) jacket and a pair of ruby red shoes. My friend got the best deal, though, 4 pieces of silverware that she thought were a dollar a piece for a little over a dollar total!

We met my brother and his wife for lunch at my all time favorite Mexican restaurant, Puerto Vallarta! The rest of the afternoon we spent digging through bins looking for the best deal. By 4 most of the stores were closed - I swear they used to be open til 5 girls, sorry! But my money was gone and my feet were tired. We headed to Kaladis to use a gift certificate and watch my baby niece play peekaboo with the employee behind the counter. It was a grand day of shopping and a much more fulfilling way to spend a hundred bucks. I hope my dh isn't reading this.
A little bit of time and patience mixed with cash and a large vehicle and I can be a very happy woman. OH!I cannot forget the most important part of thrift store shopping...the hand sanitizer.
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