Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Deepening my Faith

I was surfing today and I came across a blog by a guy I went to college with. He is a pastor now and it was really interesting reading his words and thinking about how he was when I knew him. Made me wonder what people might have thought of me in college. He makes no effort to hide the fact that he likes beer and even lists it among his favorite things on his profile page. I would like to think that I was a pretty good college student. I was usually in bed by 10:30 and even when I moved off campus was pretty good about following the rules. But, there were those few times when my judgment was clouded by $5 a pitcher margaritas at the bowling alley within walking distance from my apartment(wait a minute I think that was a weekly special, but I am pretty sure I only went a couple times.) Even at a Christian school there were parties. I never went, but I heard about them :) The really cool thing was everyone of us showed up to sing in choir on Sunday morning and went to chapel daily. We even made it to weekly Bible and study sessions. Some of my favorite memories are of deep theological discussions with fellow classmates and my professors. I was dating a catholic at the time(and eventually married him) and I remember questioning the differences between our two denominations. I learned a lot in those 4 short years, a lot of my knowledge didn't come from the classes either. It was from my relationships with the people around me. I feel blessed to have met some amazing Christian people that helped shape my faith and fuel my passion for learning more about God. I wish it would have been a little less costly, but then again you can't put a price on wisdom.
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