Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a day in the life...

So you think I am at home eating bon bon's?

11:43 pm last night - finally hit the sheets
7:04 am this morning - woke up and checked email (it's an addiction)
7:15 am ds wanted "pizza" for breakfast
7:23 am remembered store was out of 1/2 n 1/2 so coffee will be black this am
7:25 remembered don't like black coffee, store not open until after 8 LOL
7:33 helped ds open sausage and 'help cook with mom'
7:35 surfed web for Jimmy Dean breakfast pizza recipe I swore I had in recipe box
7:36 ran upstairs to sound of chair being pushed up to counter with microwave by ds
7:55 put breakfast pizza in the oven
8:20 fed family breakfast - yeah dad is home today so he can help with cleanup
8:45 remembered need to wear camo to school to sub this afternoon, checked school website announcements; realized potluck also today
8:55 inventoried whole pantry and fridge to find something to make for potluck
9:15 threw together taco dip and bacon dip for potluck
9:30 jumped in shower
9:45 found something camo to wear in honor of teacher being called to Iraq
10:10 went to store for chips for taco dip, forgot 1/2 and 1/2 for coffee
10:25 arrived at school with potluck items
10:45-3:30 subbed at school
3:35 dropped off borrowed book at daycare
3:40 checked mail
3:45 came home, hugged kids, checked email
4:30 phone call friend
5:00 tried to watch news with dh
5:30 made quick supper for family, contemplated going to home ballgame
6:15 dh left for work
6:30 phone call for volunteer committee
6:45 phone call for volunteer committee
7:00 helped kids fold laundry
7:30 computer work for volunteer committee
8:00 started getting kids ready for bed
8:30 continued getting kids ready for bed
9:00 finally got kids in their beds
9:15 rubbed backs... going potty again...
9:30 read blogs of friends and did a quick post of my own
9:50 ready to brush teeth and hit the sheets
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