Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Help Wanted

This Sunday we have planned a kickoff event to present Horizons to the community. My biggest fear is that we will not do a good job of 'splaining things and people will not understand what an positive impact they can make, hence the FREE FOOD.

Here is what the community guide says;

'The Horizons program is about the changes a community can make to move from waiting to leading, from talking to action, from control by a few to the participation of many, and from indifference to pride. Ultimately, it is about community leadership that can act to reverse your town's economic and population decline, and thrive. You can read about the experiences and achievements of previous Horizons communities by going to www.nwaf.org,(click on Programs and then click on Horizons).'

you had me at community...

I think everyone knows my commitment to my little village. It is not a burden to me, I WANT to be involved. This community is my life. My children will, God willing, attend grade and high school here and grow up here. They will be shaped and formed into who they will be by the example and leadership they see in the teachers, the store clerks, the postman, the coaches, the business owners, the city employees, the church members and the other children here. Isn't that reason enough for me to want to be involved?

It begins with awareness.I think we tend to overlook the impact of poverty on the life and vitality of our town. What is poverty anyway? Is it people who can't pay their bills? Is it children who don't have clothing that fits? Is it people who cannot afford high speed Internet? Is it a town that does not provide an alternative to drinking to teenagers on Friday and Saturday nights? Is it a town that instead of working together to achieve goals, consistently tries to break each other down? Is it not identifying the assets we already have? Is it a village that has lost dialogue with each other? How do YOU define poverty?

If you think you have an answer to that question then you need to be at the meeting on Sunday. We are looking for people of all ages and backgrounds to help us identify what poverty is to our community. Your committment to involvement would include attendance at 5 study sessions over the next month or so. It will take a little time and bit of effort. Your commitment to do something about it will help the community to make a plan of action and reduce poverty as we collectively define it.

Can't make it Sunday? Let one of us on the committee know (or comment to this post with your name and I won't add it to the blog so the world will never know)
and we can get your name on the list to be one of the 30 study group participants we need for this program to be a success.

Thank you for your vested interest in our little village.
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