Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year's Resolution - SAVE THE WORLD

I have always loved learning. Recently my dh and I enjoyed watching Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvienient Truth. We were astounded by the sheer magnitude of the effects that Global Warming is having on our little planet Earth. I kept asking my husband, "Can you believe that?". It was shocking to say the least.

I had heard about it, knew that it was something bad that was slowly happening to the atmosphere. I knew about hairspray and California's car emmssion laws. But I have never seen the facts and the figures like Gore has shown them. Makes me feel pretty ignorant.

It's overwhelming how much we have already lost. I am only one person, how can I make a difference, right? Recently a friend blogged about this and linked me to the movie's website. I clicked around and found some things that I am already doing and some very simple things I can add that will greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide my family generates. That makes me feel better and one step closer to being successful with my resolution. You can save the world, too.

Think you don't matter? Click here to find out how much you impact global warming.
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