Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's up Doc?

When my ds is sick his voice sounds all nasally and funny, sort of like Elmer Fudd. My dh and I have spent most of the day laughing at him. I feel awful about it, but it's extremely difficult to keep a straight face when after every sentence he wheezes and makes this little eh eh eh sound. He is really not feeling well, he has been sleeping every couple of hours and then getting up with a burst of energy that dies out quickly so he has to rest again. A few minutes ago he had his play guitar out and was singing, "Old MacDonald had a butt... eh eh eh" now he is passed out in the easy chair. I suppose if he is sick again in the morning we will have to take him in to the doctor before the weekend gets started. Maybe Doc can get rid of them wascly wabbits...
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