Friday, January 05, 2007

I am a regular party animal.

I stayed out till after 12:30 on New Year's Eve. That is pretty good for me. One of the main reasons was because of 6 women and this game called Imaginiff. The object of the game is simple - just imagine what the other players are most like. To start, each player writes their name on the erasable game board. Next, any empty spaces are filled in with the names of people you all know. Roll to decide who will be the "subject" of the question and read the card aloud. Each player then chooses one of six answers, and the player with the most popular answers advances to win! We ended the night with Catch Phrase. It was fun.
The crazy thing is I am gearing up for another party tonight. Dh's department part is at CJ Callaway's tonight. DNR is playing. The band consists of a bunch of doctors, surgeons, and nurses with a lawyer and tv news anchor thrown in for good measure. They are actually pretty good and they have a lot of fun while they're at it. The lead guitarist is a pulmonary doc among other things and my dh sees him a lot at the hospital. Last year the band got pretty crazy at this party since a lot of these people know each other and work together on a daily basis. I think I blogged about this last year, but at one point during the evening the percussionist starting stripped and even crowd surfed. There will be no telling what can happen tonight. Last time we showed up late just as the music was starting and all the food was gone and people were well into 'partytime' if you know what I mean. SO, this year the plan is to show up early and be home early, too. We'll see.
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