Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let go and let God!

Lately ds has been fighting me for computer time. He loves sesamestreet.com . While I really appreciate the fact that I can trust the site to not have games with guns and fast cars (he's been watching grand theft auto a bit too closely with dh; I totally freaked when I saw dad letting him run the controller one day- let's just say that was the end of that) it is hard to give up some of my precious blogging time. The only thing that will pry him off the computer is PBS's Caillou. Which is only on once a morning, I need to remember to dvr that:) Anyway, I have been able to catch up on some reading while he is clicking away - can you believe he teaches his older ds how to play some of the games? He is so good at maneuvering that mouse and the website, I am amazed. My dd can't even do that yet. I think I am probably the only one who reads her Ending Your Day Right devotions by Joyce Meyer in the morning. I just am not good at night. I am beat and can't concentrate on anything after 8 pm. I also love Max Lucado's Grace for the Moment. This past $100 day I picked up another book called Daily Strengths for Daily Needs by Mary W. Tileston - an inspiring collection of spiritual passages in prose and verse- one for every day of the year. These good fast reads and a quick check to my 365 reasons to eat chocolate calendar make up most of my exposure to print everyday;besides the Internet:). This morning I let ds have the computer while I put my 'borrowed' dvd, Walk Away the Pounds, in to exercise. Now, don't go thinking I am getting all skinny and fit. I am not. I make a mental effort to try at least a couple of times a week to do something other than eat and blog. Not much, I know, but it's more than I was doing six months ago before major surgery. I tagged along to volleyball on Sunday to watch and they were short a player so I joined in. IT WAS AWESOME! I love that game. I love the social atmosphere, I love the simple workout and I love feeling powerful when I finally get the ball up and over the net, even if it does hit the ceiling tile hard enough to chip it:). I felt great when I go home and into the next day. Today, I was sore. But, I decided to listen to the good angel on my shoulder and keep on moving even when it hurts so maybe those muscles can dust off and get working again. Even my kids love walking with Leslie...After the short workout I read my devotionals. I am one of those people who can find something that relates to me in every thing I read. I love to apply what I read to my situation and try and learn something from it. I am a nerd I guess, and pretty gullible. Today's message from Joyce Meyer was written just for me. Guess I am vain, too.

Let Go and Let God

Abstain from evil...whatever kind it may be. And may the God of peace Himself sanctify you through and through... and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved sound and complete...Faithful is He Who is calling you...and utterly trustworthy. 1 Thessalonians 5:22-24
These are God's instructions to you for finding peace and joy: Stay away from wrong behavior and allow the Lord of peace to sanctify you, preserve you, complete you, hallow you and keep you.These verses are your call from God to a certain kind of holy living. They are also your assurance that it is not you who brings about this holy life but God Himself, who can be trusted utterly to do the work in you and for you.What then is your part? What is the work that you are to do? What does God require of you?

Your part is to believe and to trust the Lord. So let go and let God!

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