Saturday, January 27, 2007

Superglue for the Superboy

It finally happened. We have passed the point of no return. We have graduated into the world of emergency rooms and acute care clinic fixer uppers. I'm just surprised it didn't happen earlier.

Ds turned 3 in October and he has been a wild man since the day he breathed a breath in this world. Lately, we have been witnessing a lot of superhero stunts here at our house. He 'saved' the cat, who somehow got stuck under the bed. He 'saves' his sister from invisible foes all day long.

Last night, he wasn't able to save himself as his footing slipped and he hit his head on the corner of his dresser and split it open. Dd went bananas and thanks to her complete and utter lack of control, I stayed relatively calm. I laid him down and cleaned his forehead and washed the drips of blood from other places on his body. It was a pretty deep gouge, so I put a little pressure on it and tried to call dh who was en route from work.

One hour later we were leaving the acute care clinic and ds's forehead was glued shut. It took us twice as long to get to the clinic than it did for the doc to close up the cut. We made it to the clinic doors only a few minutes before closing.

This morning after a good rest, we were going over the rules at the kitchen table. Dh asked ds what kind of things he shouldn't be doing while his head was healing... ds thought for just a moment and then replied, "no jumping off the fridge, no jumping off the bench, no jumping off the counter tops, no jumping..."

I should add that before we left, dh was pretty sure he could use an unopened bottle of superglue to close the wound. I tried to call a couple of friends to see if this might be an acceptable form of care...thank goodness everyone was busy so we were able to see a professional do it. Only now, dh says since he has seen it done, he says we can surely do it ourselves next time. God be with us.
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