Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out with the new, in with the old?

So we decided to clean out the drawer in the kitchen that consisted of mostly sipper cup lids, medicine droppers, and at one time bottle rings and nipples. My house was built in the late 70s and the cabinets are a reflection of that time. Small, plain and made of cheap materials they are nothing to brag about, but they get the job done. It always seems that there are a ton of cabinets at first glance, but somehow, over the years, they have all filled up and each time I try and organize them I can't bring my frugal self to part with anything. And what is it about those tiny side drawers? Have dish rags and towels gotten larger in the last 30 years or did people only have 3 long handled utensils to store? Is it some cruel joke that cabinet makers everywhere are in on? I can't fit anything larger than the kids things in that drawer, so in goes the medicine droppers and lids I cannot part with and the old drawer becomes my new rag and towel spot. Then, out of nowhere I decide to move the silverware over a drawer so that the towels and rags will be, viola, closer to the sink. Good idea, right? I thought so, too. Until I go looking for a spoon in the drawer that has housed them for almost 9 years now. And I find a drawer full of neatly folded dish towels.I can't stir my coffee with that! Arrgh. So after trying for two days to put up with the new location, I cave and move the towels away from the sink...so much for finding more patience in the new year.
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