Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I think I am a SAHM

I have said several times to many people that I was going to post these abbreviations. I use some of them as I am blogging, but I come across more and more as I read online...

SAHM ~ Stay at home mommy

DH ~ darling husband

MIL ~ Mother in Law
FIL ~ Father in Law
SIL ~ sister in law
BIL ~ brother in law

SO ~ significant other
BF ~ boyfriend or best friend

DS ~ darling son
DD ~ darling daughter
DSS~ darling step son
DSD~ darling step daughter

HTH ~ Hope that helps
TTFN ~ tah tah for now

TIA ~ thanks in advance

LOL ~ laugh out Loud
LMAO ~ laughing my a** off
ROFL ~ Rolling on floor laughing

JMO ~ Just my Opinion
JMHO ~ Just my honest opinion
FWIW ~ For what it's worth

WTH ~ What the Heck

KWIM ~ Know what I mean

ITA ~ I totally agree
IMO ~ in my opinion
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