Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Ever have

one of those days where every time you turn around you find something you are thankful for? Perhaps it was just on my brain today but it was a blessed day here, and I mean blessed.

The day started with a walk with a friend (blessing) where I spotted lots of smashed pumpkins, none of them mine (blessing). I check my email and get an awesome message from another friend about God (blessing) read another amazing friends' (blessing) blog about being thankful and then get two excited (blessing) girls ready for daycare with another friend (blessing). A quick peck on the cheek from husband (blessing) getting home safely (blessing) from the night shift and off we went. Driving up to drop the girls off I notice (blessing) a highway patrolman. Returning, I keep an eye on my speed when I pass him. He does not (blessing) pull me over.

Another day at the school (blessing) where I see my children (blessing) and know that they are safe and learning. I get to read with kids and have a generally wonderful day minus junior math which I am not very good at :) I stay busy enough to only drink one cup (blessing) of coffee and reach my water goal for the day (blessing).

After school I pick up the girls. After we get home I throw together a tuna and noodle casserole which everyone eats (blessing). Dad leaves for work and I get on face book to see one of my friends (blessing) has posted her second blessing of November, too. Which brings me to right now. Now can you see why it is hard to pick just one blessing for today

Today's blessing reads something like this,

walk with friend whole pumpkins God story friend blessed friend happy kids friend who watches my children kiss from hubby no ticket school with kids one cup of coffee enough water good food full bellies blessed friend

I guess the theme is friends. So today, my friends, I am thankful for you.

Blessed in November with;

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