Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

How can it be that a long weekend seems shorter than a regular one? We packed so much into this weekend that I find it hard to find just a couple of things to be thankful for.
Saturday morning brought us back home and Ryan worked on grinding up his deer meat for jerky. I made a few treats for dinner at my mom's and then we went to her house for dinner. It was a cold and windy day almost the complete opposite of Fridays weather. We had delicious food and a nice afternoon of playing with the kids. My sister called while we were feasting to see how her sweet potatoes fared. She was unable to make the meal so she dropped them off at my house a few nights before. I put them in the freezer and they are still there. Oops. Guess we'll be having sweet potato casserole this week :) Thanks, Josie!
Sunday was a pretty normal day. My husband tagged along with me to ABC (adult Bible class). I thought it was because we decided to grab a bite afterwards but I just now caught him reading on my Fire, in the same book that we studied this morning. We are talking about the plagues and how Pharaoh had several chances to avoid them, but his free will and hard heart kept him from believing that God was real. 
Ryan got several batches of jerky dried today and the lights up. He was very productive, me? Not so much.
It is a crazy busy week. I am hoping to finish out the month of thankfulness and then take a little break from this blogging every day. It is a bit of pressure that I just don't need this time of year:)

So for yesterday and today I am very thankful for sweet potatoes and for interesting Bible stories.

This list is getting long! I am thankful for;children
little surprises
family, each and every one
warm, fall nights to watch high school football games
trying new things
opportunities to be successful
my husband
individually wrapped miniature Reece's
working out 
homemade chicken noodle soup
distractions, healthy ones :)
springlike weather in November
the meal
making memories
sweet potatoes
interesting Bible stories

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