Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I like to move it

The scale has not been my friend this past week or so. I can't seem to get the numbers to stop climbing up. Wonder if it has anything to do with chocolate? Today Ryan put two quarters in the glass machine to get a couple of York peppermint patties and then he set them on the dash of the car. Moments later he asked where they went. I had no answer. I cannot be trusted if there is chocolate anywhere near me. I have no will power. None. So this week I decided it was all about the two a days. Yep. I am working out twice a day for the rest of the week hopefully the scale goes my way by Friday. Chocolate, I love you but this week I am thankful for my two a days. Gotta love a great sweat. I think I may need to stock up on body wash.

Blessings this month;

little surprises
family, each and every one
warm, fall nights to watch high school football games
trying new things
opportunities to be successful
my husband
individually wrapped miniature Reece's
working out 
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