Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I hate packing!

I hate packing. I like to wear a different pair of shoes every day, but I am NOT packing 5 pairs of shoes, so that means I have to wear a coordinating outfit everyday, will my relatives think I am nuts for wearing the same colored shirt all weekend? Oh well. I threw a bunch of comfy things in the bag (for the record I packed 3 pairs of shoes). Gently packed a great pair of earrings for each day and I'm done. Got my book, my camera and my ipod shuffle, what else does a girl need besides earrings? Oh yeah, my medication.

We drove around tonight and hand delivered some thank you notes. It is amazing how many lives can cross each others paths every day. I am so blessed, I feel like I am actually a better person, with a nicer life now that I have cancer. How can that be?

Have a good weekend. I will try to post again when I get a chance to get online. It's gonna be hot down there. My husband play ball this weekend, I hope he stays hydrated...........with water.
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