Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tales of a Texas Trip Day 3 Family, Food and Fun

Late night, early morning makes for a house full of tired and crabby relatives who are only too kind to not mention they are irritable, even though it is extremely obvious. No time for a shower, coffee and frosted mini-wheats provide the nutrition needed for the morning commute to Walmart in a 2006 Ford Mustang Convertible with the top down and going from 0-80 in 5.2. Someone needs new tires on the van and the wait is 3 hours which is just long enough to find $40 of things I want but do not need. Precious time is spent with long lost cousins and one once removed in the McDonalds waiting for the van to be done. Back at the ranch things are quiet, but the energy is therapeutic. Sharing stories of times old and new and showing the scars off fills the early afternoon hours. After naptime comes water fights with little cousins, a new taste of Tequiza, and comfy lawn chairs. Hugs, heat and happiness drifts us into the evening. Tummies are full of hometown beef burgers grilled to perfection on toasted buns (my first red meat in days), mom's potato salad and homegrown tomatoes and onions. Five sisters share an afternoon of well deserved reminiscing and prayers for Grandma. Homemade brownies and fresh brewed coffee end the evening with a little movie time. Hot shower and a little blogging and we all fall asleep.
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