Monday, July 24, 2006

Not for the weak stomached....

Have you ever seen Robert Deniro in "Awakenings"? That is how I felt this morning. I had a good amount of energy, after my meds kicked in and I was ready to go. Until; the kids woke up at 6 am (which they haven't done since last September), the satellite tuner went out (no cartoons=chaos), I realized we were out of milk and half and half, and my husband called to wish me good morning....(he immediately regretted calling). I needed a game plan and FAST. Okay dvd in upstairs. downstairs. I got out the board games with dust and watered down the little bit of juice we had left for the sippee cup. After I moaned and groaned to my dh on the phone, I felt terrible so I had to make up for it. I did the dishes downstairs, straightened up the kitchen upstairs, received a couple of phone calls. I was playing a game of connect four with ds (well, he is only 2 so we just made patterns with the red and black checkers) when I noticed him get kind of squirmy. "Do you have to go potty?" I asked, for the millionth time not expecting anything to actually happen. I mean, we had done this many times before and I was NOT in the mood for a drop down drag out to the toilet where he could accidnentally kick my side or hurt me in some other way. "Yep" he simply stated. I froze. What do I do now? Okay think fast.....his pull up is full so he must be talking about number 2. THINK FAST. "Do you want a book or a paper to read like daddy and your uncles?" "I neeeeeeed my airplane book!" he shouted as he was walking to the toilet. I was still not sure anything would actually come of this event as we had played it out so many times before. He put the stool up to the toilet and got himself situated and first he peed and then he became engrossed in the land of the airplanes. Soon I heard him say, "Mom, the poop is starting to come out!" I was so excited I started singing and clapping and doing the poopy dance (which, in my defense, worked really well with dd). "Mom, I can't read when you are so loud." ds told me. I immediately stopped doing the dance and clap and sing thing and was at a loss. "Well, if you need something, let me know." I walked out of the bathroom and stood waiting outside the door." A few minutes passed, I heard the pages of the book turning and was starting to give up when I heard, "Mom, it looks Sadie's (our dog) poop." What? I didn't get it until, yes and here is the part that is not for the weak stomached, I looked into the toilet and saw the long line of poop. I suppose he had never seen when it was not smooshed by his bottom in a diaper. We made the call to dad and ds tried to weasel out a BIG treat and then to Grandma who also said big rewards were on the way. Anyway in the land of potty training, it's a good day. I am tired and we may need a family nap after all this excitement.
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