Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It really does take a village

I read this in someone else's blog, he obviously wrote it for me....

The love, support and prayers of family and friends lifts you up. You can feel it. You really can. But when people who you don't really think know much about you offer kind, compassionate words and support, you feel humanity at its finest.I think there is one thing that I would share with another cancer patient or facing another potentially deadly disease. The community is likely to do its thing and support you anyway. That is what communities do, starting from Cro-magnon to now. That's why we have villages. They take care of their own. The therapy in it for the cancer patient is to experience it, live it, feel it. Be lifted up by it. It's humbling but so enabling. It's like 'you have a job to do - get better. Our job is to support you.'
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