Monday, July 10, 2006

What do the houses in heaven look like anyway?

After prayers tonight my dd asked me, "Is God invisible?" Again, as I always am, I was blindsided by a four-year olds curiosity. "Um....Kind of," I answered her. "But Pastor is not invisible," she stated matter of factly,"because we need to talk to him and listen to him." I wanted to explain so much, but how do I not confuse her or scare her? "Well, we can talk to God just like we talk to Pastor and he listens to us, too." She looked at me hard for a moment and said, "But we can't see him or hear him answer." I sighed. "I think He answers us in different ways than words." I was really trying to end this conversation. "I think he will talk to us in heaven," she said. "I really don't want to go to heaven right now, but I think when I die I will like it." I was holding back the tears now. What was going through that tiny little head of hers? "We will love heaven when we go, whenever that is," I choked the words out. "I want to see the houses in heaven." she whispered,"but I will have to wait until I die. Mommy, when you are better and not so tired anymore can we give some of my toys to my friends? I have too many. I am too big for some of my clothes, too. I love you mommy, Goodnight." Just like that she was done. She changed gears and ran out of gas before I had time to dry my eyes.
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