Monday, July 10, 2006

"we don't quite believe it"

The combination of too much sun, too many steps, a bra, and not enough medicine did me in. I thought I was doing fine, really. I felt okay. I was drinking lots of water(enough that I had to pee almost hourly). I wore a hat and lots of sunscreen. I even got to sit in an airconditioned room for most of the game, but my body just could not hack it. I think it's amazing how our minds can 'trick' us into things. I really wanted to be there, and I think I convinced myself that I would be okay. I know now it was probably not a good decision, especially since this is only my second hour out of bed today and it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I wanted to visit with my friends and watch my husband hit and just 'be normal', it just wasn't in the cards.

Today has been a recovery from that outing and I hope to take it a little more slowly next time. Thank goodness for cards and books to read, a bowl of chocolate ice cream(yes, again!) and dvr. I have been using this device called a hot house to help me recover from surgery and today I really needed it. It just warms you a bit, sort of like a heating pad but with better technology. When I awoke this morning I could hardly move but after a "treatment" for an hour I felt a little better. I wish I could find something to take away my headache that efficiently.

I got a letter today from one of the girls that I taught at the colony..."I heard something about you just this morning", she writes in a letter dated July 8th at 10:48 am. (Can you remember being a teenager and putting the time at the top of your letters?) "they said you had cancer!, I'm asking you what kind it is and if it's true. We don't want to believe it yet. Everybody is in a shock especially me. We don't quite believe it if it is true. By the way if it's true we are all very sorry and we'll be praying for you." from the mouths of babes....
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